About Me

During my years in F1 I was fortunate enough to meet a guy who had been taking remarkable behinds the scenes images for forty years.  His work, both at the track and away from it started this little voice in my head.

His candid images and the stories they told just grabbed me. I loved that each one was a never to be repeated moment.

Somewhere around 2010 I started taking photographs seriously. I shot primarily street and candid style images, living just a stones throw from central London gave me a perfect setting for that.

Around 2014 I learnt how to use a studio and work with models. This brought a whole new perspective, not only with the confidence to know how to light a subject but also with the joy of working one to one with people.

I am at ease working in a studio, on location or at a clients home. My aim is to capture not just great images but also the personality of the people I'm working with.

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