References From Clients

"Oh My Word what a great shoot! Paul is a gem with a great sense of humour, heaps of ideas with a professional attitude. We had been bouncing ideas around for a month or so, this meant we were both on the same page and fully inspired for the shoot. The day went by in a flash as we got on so well and were constantly bouncing off of each other. I cannot speak more highly of this man and cannot wait to work with him again!"

"Paul Paul Paul, seriously with all seriousness bloody amazing to work with. Beyond Paul being an excellent photographer I got along with Paul as if he was my friend. He is soooo funny and incredible to work with, I think we shot for 4 hours but it felt like 10 minutes because I had such a great time. I would love to work with Paul again and I would highly highly recommend Paul to everyone like literally. I you wanna have a great shoot and a bunch of laughs pick Paul :)))"

"I’ve had my first shoot with Paul today and I can say we had a blast! We get along very well, he’s professional and got this special eye! I’ve enjoyed much our shooting, he gives awesome directions and makes everything running so easily also most important thing it’s that he was always making sure I was feeling comfortable. The shoot was much fun and the time was literally flying. I’m glad I got to work with him and even more happy about our next shootings! I would recommend everyone to shoot with Paul he’s just amazing!"

"Was such a pleasure to work with Paul again after so long!! Paul's great to work with, we always have such a laugh and the whole shoot just flows so effortlessly and time just flies by so we're clearly having too much fun haha! If you haven't worked with Paul yet then do so, he's fab!!"

"Okay so we didn’t directly work together but we met yesterday on a Joe McNally workshop at Nikon... we chatted at the end and saw each other work (random I know) we worked in different groups to one another... but what a human! So easy going and a true pleasure to be around! Hope to model 1-2-1 with him very soon" 

I had my second shoot with the lovely Paul today, which was even better than the last. Paul asked me to find a shipwreck to use as a location, and although the weather was somewhat grey and miserable, we had a great laugh and produced some wonderful, atmospheric images. Paul was very considerate of the difficult conditions and made sure I was as warm and comfortable as possible. I really look forward to seeing the images we created and would highly recommend Paul to any model.